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Why is Updating phpBB sooo complicated? :-D

First of all: Nice work with phpBB it is truly Open Source and a cool forum with massive amounts of features and a lively community and it is fast! Well done! problem: 1. i am having a little problem with […]


The dirty truth about DRM. „If consumers even know there’s a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we’ve already failed.“ —Peter Lee, Disney Executive in an interview with The Economist in 2005. holy cow.

Howto Setup jitsi debian mate

so my idea is… jitsi is that cool open source, multi platform chat and video + audio conference tool that you can even use with/over google hangout… so it uses their servers but encrypts your stuff? (not sure!) 😀 „scalable […]


„The Guardian in 2013, XKEYSCORE is by the NSA’s own admission its “widest reaching” program, capturing “nearly everything a typical user does on the internet.” A subsequent report by The Intercept showed that XKEYSCORE’s “collected communications not only include emails, […]


Dylan Beattie ?? ‏@dylanbeattie Feb 16 Learning to code is an essential skill in the modern world. Here’s a handy diagram showing you how to get started. that’s what i really liked about Adobe Flex Builder… it was based on […]


TOR Bundle Browser scores quiet well: related: Holy Cow: „O2 mobile users in the UK are venting on Twitter today, fuming at their discovery that their phone number is being shared with every website that they visit over the […]

Simple Self Made DDoS test of your site

„autobench – Automates the benchmarking of web servers using httperf. autobench is used to to automate web server benchmarking. It runs httperf against the specified host or hosts, ramping up the number of requested connections, and logging the results in […]


pcDuino3 jumping up on the latest MicroMicro-Mini-Low-Power-Low-Cost-Computer train: Arduino actually startet off with Atmel-CPUs which could do all sorts of automation and measurement industrial applications… but were not really usefull as PC-replacement or Gaming-Consoles 😀 actually i try to establish […]


… did i mention that sony ericcson mobile phones… like 20 years ago were the only ones that actually had proper voice recognition… 😀 better than Siri.


Elon Musk: „What is a good future that we would like to live in? In which this super-intelligence exists.“ „Everyone is already a cyborg“ „because everyone has a mobile phone… only limit is bandwidth“ „high speed interface to the cortex“ […]


Wow! 2 Millions on in CrowdFunding from Kickstarter Star Citizen Live Stats: Funds Raised 142,400,560 USD By Star Citizens: 1,732,349 Don’t tell me that ain’t sufficient 😀 Hide PC requirements Windows 7 (64 bit) – Service Pack 1, Windows […]